Environmental Stewardship

Agri-environment schemes have come a long way since the first Environmentally Sensitive Area Agreements in 1987. Initially aimed at a select few, and with varying degrees of popularity and take up, agri-environment grants now form an important income stream for the vast majority of farms and estates.

Environmental Stewardship provides funding to farmers and other land managers in England who deliver environmental and public benefits.  Launched in 2005 this two tier scheme is now effectively closed to new entrants.  CLM has a wide range of experience in dealing with Entry Level Stewardship. Organic Entry Level Stewardship and Higher Level Stewardship applications and agreements.

Our services include:Env Stew

  • Advice relating to transferring agreements
  • Advice relating to amending agreements
  • Practical advice relating to the implementation and on going management of stewardship options
  • Balancing Environmental Stewardship agreements with Basic Payment Scheme greening requirements
  • Environmental Stewardship agreement health checks

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