August 2022 – Farming needs “the brightest and the best”

One of the joys of my 25 years as a consultant has been seeing new people come into the profession and progress their careers.
There is, quite rightly, much talk in the farming industry about how we should do more collectively to promote careers in agriculture. It’s important that we clearly communicate the advantages of working in this sector to young people, both from farming and non-farming backgrounds. But too much emphasis is sometimes put on the goal of owning or renting a farm, overlooking opportunities in the ancillary sectors.

There is a plethora of such roles available – everything from environmental adviser to land agent – which would appeal to those seeking exciting, enjoyable careers.

I always tell people that as a farm business consultant you get to work with fascinating people.  Farming is, in some ways, slow moving because it’s seasonal, but in other ways it’s incredibly fast-paced because the industry is populated by innovators and
entrepreneurs. They are, by definition, interesting people to work with.

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