June 2023 – Ashdown Initiative shows potential for landscape recovery

Some key messages for farmers have been highlighted by a CLM-run project in Ashdown Forest, as farm and environment consultant Harrison Anton explains

The second application window for DEFRA’s Landscape Recovery (LR) scheme opened recently.  A key part of the Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMS), this aims to help the environment by funding large-scale projects through bespoke, long-term agreements involving groups of farmers and others working together across thousands of acres.

It follows last autumn’s announcement of the 22 projects accepted in the first round, which collectively hope to restore nearly 700km of rivers and protect and enhance 263 species across over 40,000 hectares.

At CLM we’ve been involved in helping shape LR, having run one of DEFRA’s test-and-trials for the scheme in 2022 – an initiative working with landowners, tenant farmers, commoners, charities and public bodies around Ashdown Forest.

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