Case Study


CLM completed a successful Higher Level Stewardship for WPCC in 2006 and were then tasked with looking at the management of the woodlands on the Commons.

Due to the area of woodland managed by WPCC it was necessary to gain UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) Certification in advance of making an application for a Woodland Management Grant. Woodlands which gain UKWAS certification are awarded Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

As part of the Certification process CLM prepared a Woodland Management Plan for WPCC which included a detailed 5 year plan of management for the woodland. In addition to completing a Woodland Management Plan to meet the UKWAS CLM also assisted WPCC in pulling together all the information that was required for the initial inspection.

Once WPCC had gained certified status CLM then put together and submitted a successful Woodland Management Grant application on behalf of the Conservators.

The woodlands on the Commons are audited annually by Woodmark in order to maintain their certified status and CLM provide annual support to the Conservators during this process.


Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators 250ha of largely of native deciduous species

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