CLM Update – Summer 2022

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CLM Update – Spring 2022

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CLM Update – Winter 2021

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November 2021 – Rising Star

Meet one of CLM’s farm and environment consultants – Georgina Wallis……

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November 2021 – Decision Vision

Decision Vision

An expression I’ve often used in my consultancy career is “If in doubt, do nowt”.

Faced with uncertainty, sometimes the right answer is to do nothing.  But for many farmers, at the moment, it is not the best approach.

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August 2021 – “Diddly Squat” Flexibility in Some Support Schemes

I’ve been enjoying watching Clarkson’s Farm.  In fact, I haven’t spoken to anyone – even those not involved in agriculture – who hasn’t.

Yes, he sometimes acts the fool, but the show convincingly conveys how tough agriculture is and highlights the challenges farmers face – whether that’s technical, mechanical, meteorological or bureaucratic.

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November 2019 – Driving change with mechanical harvesters

From smash-and-grab bushwhacking to an altogether more refined and sophisticated process.

Sam Barnes went to the SITEVI show in France two years ago with a very specific aim – to visit every machine harvesting stand and ask about potentially operating such a machine in Britain.

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November 2019 – Act now as clocks tick down on new support system

The report into a pilot of results-based payments for agri-environment schemes, hot off the press, makes for fascinating reading.

Published last month by Natural England and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, it outlines the findings into a two-year trial featuring 34 farmers across 230ha.

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October 2019 – If a job’s worth doing……..

When faced with a deadline, there are a number of common responses.

1. Get the job done as quickly as possible without much thought to what you are setting out to achieve.

2. Procrastinate, which often leads to missing the deadline or simply turns into a slower way of arriving at response 1.

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October 2019 – Great product, but who is going to drink it?

What? Where? When? How? Why? These are just some of the questions grape growers and wine makers should be asking themselves to help formulate a ‘route-to-market’ plan at the start of their journey into viticulture.  

With figures suggesting vine plantings are set to double between 2019 and 2024 (having already done so between 2011 and 2018) taking production to 40m bottles per year, the GB wine sector is a hugely exciting one, says Grace O’Rourke Veitch, who has over 25 years’ experience of route-to-market strategies.

 Article by Matthew Berryman and Grace O'Rourke Veitch Open PDF

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