February 2018 – Marsh Wars – A new hope

I noticed quite recently that an email I received from a member of staff at Natural England gave their job title in the signature at the bottom as a member of the Field Unit; a group so secret that most Natural England advisers I have asked since reading about it do not even know of their existence. This Field Unit I surmised, possibly correctly, was the same highly trained group of individuals who had recently undertaken a ‘Rapid Field Visit’ across a block of marshland on the Thames Estuary. All this painted a picture of some kind of crack unit of ecological storm troopers performing a blitzkrieg, in this instance at least, across the marshes of North Kent with wave after wave of brightly kagooled types with their nose to the turf assessing sward length (but at the same time, obviously, taking great care not to crush any waders’ nests underfoot).

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 Article by Alex Macdonald Open PDF

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