January 2019 – It’s in your hands. A fresh look at the year ahead

Right now, the only certainty is uncertainty. Whatever your views, 2019 will be a watershed and with only days until the big change few, if any, can reliably predict the winners and losers.

As frustrating as it is there is little point worrying about the economic landscape beyond 29 March. Some sectors will thrive in a way previously made impossible by EU membership, whilst others will be hamstrung, at least in the short term. But rest assured, the UK and future trading partners will adapt quickly to make the brave new world a success!

For vineyards and farmers alike, fundamentals will not change and land use at the end of 2019 will almost certainly be as it is now. Accepting that some matters are beyond our control, perhaps now is the time to have a fresh look at one or two opportunities for the year ahead.

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