July 2019 – The only word that matters right now is “begin”

“We’re not going to mention the B word.”

Whether it’s referring to Brexit or Boris, that has been a common refrain at the start of most of the events we’ve been involved with or attending over the last few weeks.

From the CLA’s ‘Getting to Grips with Grapes’ seminars to a talk on policing at the South of England Show, no one wants to discuss the B word.  Brexit appears to have become white noise for most and Boris elicits extremes of opinion from either pole of the voting populous.

There is, however, consensus around one point when it comes to the B words as far as farming is concerned – and that is that whether this whole tortuous process ends with us ‘In or Out’ we are going to see dramatic changes and some of those will be painful. Perhaps a more helpful B word at this stage is ‘begin’, because waiting for Brexit or indeed Boris is not an option.

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