Working out the value of subsidy entitlements – July 2014

As we should all be acutely aware, commodity prices are strongly linked to supply and demand…………….

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CLM Summer 2014 Update

CAP Reform Defra details announced!

Key points looking forward to 2015, Establishing BPS Entitlements, Young Farmer Top Up, Greening, New Environmental Land Management Schemes, Issues that you may need to consider now!

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Ten years of change, growth and challenge – June 2014

Over the last ten years our industry has seen massive change…

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CLM Spring 2014 Update

CAP Reform – Key points looking forward to 2015

CLM Recruitment

Environmental Stewardship – Would your farm pass inspection?

CLM celebrates 10 year anniversary!

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BPS – is that the best they could do? – May 2014

Despite share price controversy the recent sale of the Post Office achieved the desired outcome. You can be sure that government officials patted each other on the back for a job well done.  First Class! However, just along the corridor the team responsible for the introduction of the Basic Payment Scheme may not be feeling quite so comfortable.

 Article by Matthew Berryman Open PDF

When’s your MOT due? – April 2014

Although I am only referring to car MOT’s figuratively…….


Basic Payment Scheme – are you ready? – March 2014

The basic payment scheme is less than a year away and with much of the detail still to be decided you may find yourself asking…..



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2014 – A new beginning? – February 2014

If the weather has improved some will already have started spr ing dr i l l ing. Or am I thinking of a time when we had dry months! It won’t be long before we start to explore crops that grow in permanently saturated soil.

 Article by Matthew Berryman Open PDF

Triple whammy perfect storm – January 2014

CLM towers are usually home to a happy band of positive thinkers but we see clouds on the horizon. It could simply be the effects of too much Christmas cheer but it looks pretty gloomy from here. There are dangers in making January predictions but a number of indicators are pointing firmly in the direction of a perfect storm.

 Article by Mark Weaver Open PDF

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