History repeating – March 2016

After last years less than satisfactory Basic Payment Scheme application process, will applicants this year get a better deal?

Read the attached PDF to see our article in the South East Farmer

 Article by Kevin Jay Open PDF

Here we go again – February 2016

That time of year is fast approaching when our minds start to turn to the daunting prospect of filling in this year’s BPS forms, although the substantial numbers of you out there who have yet to receive last year’s payment may be forgiven for having more pressing concerns.

 Article by Alex Macdonald Open PDF

Subsidies should be removed gradually – January 2016

This Christmas the bearded old fellow in the red overcoat was under pressure.  Already burdened by the task of delivering Millennium Falcons and Chewbacca costumes to thousands of Star Wars fans, he could not ignore a troubled force from an unusual source!

 Article by Matthew Berryman Open PDF

European Referendum – December 2015

When looking at accounts, we split subsidy payments away from the enterprise, giving a true and clear picture of performance – clarity within the business. We often muse (and have done on these pages) about the effect of a reduction or subsidy change. 

 Article by Mark Weaver Open PDF

CLM Winter 2015 Update

LEADER funding now open, Basic Payment Scheme update, NVZ compliance, the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme, RPA inspections, Energy Barns and reserve power…. open PDF for more information.

 Article by CLM Open PDF

LEADER Launched – November 2015

Farming Minister George Eustice MP finally decided to launch the LEADER programme on 14 October. Perhaps he thought doing do so would act as counter point to the release of the results of the June survey of agriculture the next day, since as announcements go, it was a bit of a damp squib.

 Article by Open PDF

Win, lose or draw? – October 2015

The rugby world cup is a perfect distraction from farming. In the coming weeks there is something else to talk about other than the miserable price of wheat.  Whoever you support we are guaranteed fantastic competition between the best rugby sides in the world, let’s hope England recover from the Welsh fiasco and overcome the others bidding to get their hands on that illusive trophy!

 Article by Matthew Berryman Open PDF

Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier is worth the wait – September 2015

Attention has turned to the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS). With Expressions of Interest for the 2016 Higher Tier scheme already submitted attention has concentrated on 2016 Mid Tier applications which must be submitted by the 30th September.

September 2015

 Article by Matthew Berryman Open PDF

Raft of new schemes and rules – August 2015

This year saw the introduction of a range of new rural grants and subsidies after a series of delays.

 Article by Anthony Weston and Alex Macdonald Open PDF

The purgatory of purdah – July 2015

I’d ban purdah because of the information vacuum that it causes, and the hearsay and disarray that takes the place of well consulted, communicated and structured schemes and policies.

 Article by Anthony Weston Open PDF

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