Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) – for developers

BNG services – for developers

Help you understand your site from a biodiversity perspective. We can help you evaluate the biodiversity status of your would-be site – and what this will mean in terms of your obligations to deliver the statutory minimum BNG, either onsite or offsite.

Connect you with farmers and landowners. We work with hundreds of land managers, responsible for tens of thousands of acres across southern England who could be the perfect partner for you. We are in touch daily with people with proven track records in delivering for the environment who are ideally placed to deliver ‘offsite’ units. Our database means we can find you the ideal piece of land, managed by the right person, to make your BNG aspiration a reality.

Design and deliver habitat enhancement and creation. You may wish to be ‘hands-on’ with some or all of the actual BNG delivery, in which case we can support you with the practical and technical aspects.

A full solution in-house. You might prefer to avoid dealing with lots of different people in lots of different firms, each with a different area of knowledge. We provide the complete package of support – everything from ecology and habitat management to planning and land tenure – so you get clear, joined-up advice.

Credibility and cost-saving. Working with our highly qualified, experienced and respected team on the BNG aspects will ensure that your development proposal has the maximum possible likelihood of approval by a planning authority. Both at initial application stage and appeal, we are accomplished in getting applications green-lit.

Our team includes in-house experts accredited with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), planning specialists, and farm and estate management consultants, so can offer a complete suite of services.

Having been selected to be involved with one of Natural England’s nine pilot projects to help establish the legislative framework for BNG, we have been close to the market from the start and involved in a raft of agreements.

We also have decades of experience of farm habitats and stewardship agreements at individual farm level, as well as with ‘cluster groups’ and landscape-scale habitat schemes.

Whether your primary aim is to fulfil a statutory obligation or to go ‘above and beyond’ because of your commitment to the environment, working with us allows you to focus on doing what you do best, knowing the BNG element is in safe hands.


“CLM is a great sounding board. Whether I’m making infrastructure decisions, considering commercial projects or submitting a tender to rent land, I know I’ll get objective, constructive and helpful advice, even if it’s not necessarily what I want to hear. They really speak my language. From the day-to-day items like valuations to more strategic ones like rights or way and big diversification projects, they’re one of my first ports of call.”  

Rob Wilkins

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