Agri-environment schemes

Agri-environment payments will become an ever-more important income stream for farms and estates as the government moves towards a system of ‘public money for public goods’ under the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS).

With all the facts and figures at our fingertips, we can evaluate your suitability for the various schemes, with their range of annual and capital payments.

We’ll help you combine conservation with commercial agriculture, making sure such measures dovetail with your agricultural, diversification or sporting activities.

Our services include:

Countryside Stewardship (mid-tier, higher-tier and capital grants)

  • Completion and submission of applications and annual claims
  • Designing competitive applications
  • Implementing and management of stewardship options
  • Environmental Stewardship to Countryside Stewardship transfers
  • Balancing Stewardship and BPS commitments
  • Scheme compliance and inspection appeals
  • Transferring and amending agreements


Environmental Stewardship (ELS / OELS / HLS)

  • Transferring and amending agreements
  • Agreement health checks
  • Scheme compliance and inspection appeals

Env Stew

“When it comes to support payment, you need to know you’re in the right schemes that suit your farm, your business and you – and CLM help me navigate my way through this. Paperwork nowadays can also be a minefield, but I know they’ll get it done. CLM’s knowledge of BPS and stewardship schemes is second to none, and everyone there is a pleasure to deal with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
Gary Lee

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