April 2020 – BNG could be an acronym that farmers learn to love

We’ve already got a lot of acronyms in farming.

There’s BPS, NVZ, GMs, SSSI, AONBs and the RPA just for starters.  We’ll need to get used to a new one, though – BNG.

It stands for Biodiversity Net Gain and it might just prove to be one of the most important concepts some farmers can be involved with over the coming years.

DEFRA (yet another acronym) has defined it as “an approach to development which aims to leave the natural environment in a measurably better state than beforehand”.  Basically, BNG – which is soon likely to be enshrined in law – will mean that a developer will have a legal obligation to provide a minimum of a 10% biodiversity net gain when undertaking a project.


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 Article by Anthony Weston Open PDF

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