Christmas 2020 – It’s good to talk

Readers over a certain age might remember a BT ad featuring the catchphrase: “It’s good to talk”.

It was encouraging us, in a pre-mobile era, to pick up the telephone, but the adage remains apt – and no more so than when it comes to succession planning.

This is a tough topic to address, but the consequences of failing to do so can be huge.  Part of the problem is that it never seems as urgent, say, as fixing that shed roof or getting out with the drill. The trouble is, that becomes the default position and it remains ‘a job for tomorrow’ for years, sometimes decades. Meanwhile farming changes, laws change, people change and, in what is another unfortunate inescapable truth, people die.

Sorry, incidentally, if this is beginning to feel like a less-than-cheery read at a time of year when we traditionally like to be happy, but December and January are months when we also reflect and look ahead.


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