July 2020 – Don’t miss “golden” opportunity PDRs present for building

‘Planning’ and ‘simple’ are two words that rarely go together.

As anyone who has had dealings with it will know, the planning system can be complex, confusing and costly.

The existence of Permitted Development Rights (PDRs), however, offer farmers a streamlined – and, yes, simple – process for erecting or converting buildings.

Assuming you meet certain basic criteria and can provide an agricultural justification, PDRs cover projects of up to 1,000 sq m of floor space, allowing dealings with the authorities to be quick and cheap; typically costing hundreds rather than thousands of pounds and with a presumption in favour of the application being approved.

In areas such as National Parks and AONB, an application under PDRs may be subject to additional scrutiny, but the principle still applies. The significant number of new buildings spread throughout the South Downs is evidence enough…..


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