September 2020 – Identify the key factors

It is hard to believe four years have passed since the UK voted to leave the EU. Many thought the referendum result would impact lifestyles in ways not experienced for generations.

Opposing points of view divided families and shortened political careers. Economists filled columns with untested theories predicting either economic disaster or unparalleled growth; for
those involved in complex trade negotiations nothing could be more important than getting us out of the EU and shaping a new future for the UK and its people.

Just a few months after independence, none of the theatrics experienced either before or after the referendum seem important. Coronavirus has changed the economic landscape in a way not
seen since the Second World War. With no end in sight and long-term strategic plans consigned to the dustbin, governments around the globe have been forced into managing countries on
a day-by-day basis as they attempt to navigate through a pandemic for which no one was prepared. The rule books have been discarded and now the only certainty is uncertainty.


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