CLM Spring 2019 Update

The Agriculture bill in numbers, Countryside Stewardship Scheme and Planning and Development

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October 2018 – Cheaper Land

29 March 2019 will be a watershed. Currently, the 33.6 million that voted in the referendum watch with increasing disbelief as UK leaders attempt to negotiate an exit from the European Union while parties fight openly among themselves. And as for the exit process this appears to do no more than stagger from side to side like a passenger aboard a cross channel ferry in rough seas!

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October – 2019, A Good Year!

Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Stellenbosch and Tuscany; all are recognised for producing quality wines with reputations established over centuries of consistent production. Is it now plausible to include Southern England alongside this illustrious list and, if so, should viticulture be an option for your land?

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October 2018 – 7 tips for young farmers when tendering for a tenancy

Getting your foot on the farming ladder is tough. Opportunities to rent land do arise, however, so you need to make sure you’re perfectly placed to take them when they do – and coming up with a winning tender is a key part of that.

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August 2018 – Why not invest in farm land?

CLM can help with investments in the low risk world of land ownership

Farmers are known to complain. If it’s not the weather, it’s the ruthless supermarkets not paying enough for milk or the countless rules they must obey before receiving annual subsidy payments.

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June 2018 – Land subsidies: Help or hindrance?

Which scheme could help you?

For more than three decades farmers and land owners have been able to claim subsidy designed to support agricultural production and also to encourage environmental protection.  Recently these have been worth in excess of £3 billion per annum to the UK land-based sector but their future is less certain as we approach Brexit. 

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September 2018 – Making the most of what you’ve got

Is bigger always better or is now the time to be making the most of what you’ve got? Jonathan Morris thinks about boosting on-farm productivity rather than simply getting bigger.

I think it is safe to say that most of us have goals and aspirations and on a day to day basis we are trying to achieve them.

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August 2018 – 1981 or 1984… It’s much the same

From my own slightly hazy point of view these two years were indeed pretty similar and if I’m listening to any music from this period I invariably guess the wrong year. But fortunately perhaps for you I’m not proposing to talk about my entirely dubious musical taste; rather the altogether more prosaic world of rural legislation.

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July 2018 – Does UK farming offer value for money?

As arguments rage between soft and hard Brexiteers and those entirely against the self-imposed divorce from our most important trading region, the farming industry is no wiser as to the likely impact on profitability. Many who voted will retire before the true impact can be assessed, let’s hope the next generation has no reason to question the wisdom of its forebears!

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June 2018 – Time for the younger generation to take up the challenge?

Last month Anthony Weston stated “from the year after next BPS will be cut or capped very significantly and from 2024/25 it will be gone.”  He then posed the question “What will you do about it?”

The many potential answers to this question will range from sitting on your hands and waiting to see what unfolds to packing up farming altogether.

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