Identifying Fact from Opinion – December 2016

My son’s homework had me stumped this week.  (No surprise there I hear you cry!). In my defence I’m usually called in for projects like making a model of the London eye, or a cardboard bike, or a life size digestive system (his teacher’s ability to test the practical skills of parents apparently know no bounds).

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Grasping the nettle – November 2016

Often the largest single cost to a business is the people employed within it, and yet the largest common single limiting factor to a business are the people employed within it. No business is perfect, and yet one of the recurring issues we find when approaching a new business to advise (happily a regular occurrence) is that unhappily a lot of the real or perceived issues relate to the people already within it.

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One man went to mow – October 2016

So, you were thinking of topping those rushes in that field by the river before it gets too wet, much as you have done for years and, no doubt, much as people have done since the widespread use of tractors on farms began.

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Track or Field? – September 2016

Something has changed in Great Britain. The gold nosed jet which repatriated our Rio heroes symbolised more than a successful sporting campaign. In 2012 our team delivered a fantastic result which cynics were quick to credit to home advantage!  Yet four years later the result speaks for itself; Great Britain finishing second and only beaten to first place by the United States.

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Brexit Needs You – August 2016

Ask not what Brexit can do for you but what you can do for Brexit. After the risible depar ture of the band of Brexiteers and some fairly comical (or is that spiteful) cabinet appointments a modicum of leadership does appear to be emerging.

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Hope for the best – plan for the worst – July 2016

Whichever outcome you wanted, one fact is undeniable. Those who persuaded the majority to vote Leave had not planned for what they would do immediately following the victory. Is it possible they had not really believed they would win?

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A Swiss Army Knife of Services

We offer a variety of services to our clients, whether it is help with environmental grants or business management solutions. We are able to advise on a range of agricultural areas. Please see our ‘Swiss Army Knife of Services’ below. If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer, please visit our services page or feel free to contact us for further information.

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Winning margins – June 2016

The tools used to predict future business trends and outcomes are entertainingly numerous and diverse and they are all based on one assumption or another.

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Referendum – What if? – May 2016

What can the UK farming industry expect from the impending EU Referendum vote?

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Farming isn’t the only sector ruled by red tape – April 2016

To the uninitiated, let property can appear to be a safe and relatively simple income stream, however there is a constantly increasing raft of legislation that landlords must adhere to.

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